All-Surface NanoWax™

All-Surface NanoWax™

An easy-to-use spray on wax containing NanoWax™ Technology for ultimate carnauba protection and shine. Just spray on a dry surface after washing and rinsing. Work one section at a time. Wipe off with a microfiber towel and continue to spray and wipe as needed.

Nano Particles That Love the Spotlight

The key to shine is making the surface of your paint as perfect as possible in order to reflect the maximum amount of light. The nano-sized carnauba wax particles in All-Surface Nanowax™ Spray provide more surface coverage, filling even the finest microscopic scratches for a deep brilliant shine.

Nature’s Protectant

Carnauba wax is a naturally occurring substance found on palm tree leaves. Known for its durability, carnauba wax provides a protective seal on your ride’s paint that can last for months.

Charged Up Wax Particles

The Nanowax™ formula is cationic, meaning it carries a positive charge. This charge acts as a repellant for other positively charged particles such as dust, providing further durability and protection.

All-Surface Formula

NanoWax™ Technology protects from UV and is safe on all exterior serfaces, such as chrome and trim.

  • Unbeatable shine & water repellency
  • Nano-size carnauba wax particles fill scratches for ultimate shine
  • No dry time, hazing or discoloring of trim

All-Surface NanoWax™