All Wheel & Tire Cleaning Swipes

All Wheel & Tire Cleaning Swipes

Our easy to use, mess-free sponge applicators have built-in ease triple cleaning foam that destroys grease, grime, and brake dust. Simply swipe, and discard when you’re done, no mess!

Press N’ Pop™ Technology

Simply Press N’ Pop the capsule to unlock the built-in ease triple cleaning foam, and swipe with our contoured, precise applicator and easy-grip handle.

Showroom Clean

Each swipe delivers Showroom Clean for up to 4 tires*, and features a curved sponge that fits the contours of your tires, for precise application.

*Standard size tire.

  • Now in the convenience of a self-contained swipe
  • Simply Press N’ Pop the inner capsule to release the cleaning formula
  • The high-density foam grip keeps the cleaner where you want it: on your tires and wheels, not on your hands
  • Includes two sponges, enough to clean eight wheels and tires
  • Easy cleanup… simply throw away when done

All Wheel & Tire Cleaning Swipes