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Aug 11 2015
Keeping Your Wheels Clean with Eagle One A2Z™ All Wheel & Tire Cleaner

All too often, car owners attempt to clean their wheels with soap and water alone. Unfortunately, this solution is simply not aggressive enough to remove stubborn grime and brake dust that builds up over time.

The red or black dust that appears on your wheels is cast iron residue from the brake rotors and semi metallic fiber released from the brake pad during braking, and since the particles are hot when landing on the wheel, they become embedded into the metal or clear coat. In a short period of time, those particles will then begin to rust or oxidize which can be unsightly and can lead to irreversible damage to the wheels.

However, with the proper care, brake dust can be easily managed. Many consider Eagle One A2Z™ All Wheel & Tire Cleaner to be the best solution for an effective clean that is safe for any factory wheel type or hubcap, including steel, aluminum, alloy, anodized, clear-coated, chrome, PVD, plastic and factory-painted. The thick acid-free foam formula pulls dirt and grime from the surface of wheels and tires, breaking up tough deposits without agitation.

Once clean, application of tire dressing will be more uniform, therefore improving appearance and allowing the dressing to last much longer.

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Jun 12 2015
Five Way-Too-Easy Ways to Ruin Your Paint Job and How to Avoid Them
Old Car Paint Job

The photograph above is that of an old car that obviously hasn't been taken care of. The door handle has rusted over, and the body is in need of a serious paint job, but there are probably more pertinent issues with the car that should be taken care of first. For a car that isn't taken care of, you would expect it have some paint damage, but the truth is that it is very easy to ruin your paint job even if you put special care into the maintenance of your automobile. With that in mind, we decided to list a few of the easiest causes of paint damage and ways to prevent them for a long-lasting paint job.

Tree Sap: Sap from trees can drop onto your car and dry, leaving you with spots on your car. The problem is that you can’t wipe the sap off as this will cause it to spread. Instead, choose to use a solvent based bug remover to get the goo off correctly. Having a layer of wax greatly reduces the adhesion.

Gasoline That Spills Over: This one is pretty easy. Just don't top off your gas tank. Overflowing gasoline can cause a major stain to your paint.

Bugs: Now that it is springtime, you will see more bugs in the air. This is trouble for your windshield and your paint. Washing them off with water is not enough either, as bugs are highly acidic. Remove bugs from your car with Eagle One Beetle Juice Bug Remover, the easiest way to clean off acid deposits from bugs. Follow up with an easy spray wax to help prevent future bugs from sticking.

Bird Droppings: Unfortunately, there are few things you can do to prevent bird droppings from hitting your car beyond parking your car in a garage. As soon as you see droppings, get them off with a detail product as it is highly acidic as well.

Automatic Sprinklers: This is an easy one. Do not park your car in areas near lawns where there could be an automatic sprinkler. Water deposits can be a major nuisance and should be taken care of right away if a sprinkler does hit your car. Eagle One Wax As-U-Dry will actually remove fresh water spots while providing a protective barrier.

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May 11 2015
What is NanoWax Anyway?

One question that we hear often is what makes NanoWax™ spray better than a normal wax product. We immediately start talking about our carnauba technology, which makes the NanoWax™ spray on car wax the best option for a showroom shine. If you're unfamiliar with carnauba, it's also known as Brazil wax or palm wax, and it is used for a number of different commercial products. Our NanoWax™ products are made with a proprietary formula that includes nano-sized carnauba wax particles.

These nano-sized carnauba wax particles are 1/10,000th the size of traditional spray wax particles, which means they are able to fill the finest of scratches with the end result being a brilliant, deep shine. The rest of the formula consists of added conditioners and UV protectants designed to enhance luster and add protection. If you are thinking about using NanoWax™, here are some other benefits you'll experience:

Better Shine: Because of the nano size particles, they fill the finest of scratches and imperfections that traditional wax particles can’t.

Quick Finishing Time: Your car will have a showroom quality shine in less than ten minutes. It doesn’t require hazing or buffing. Simply spritz on and wipe off.

Durability: NanoWax™ jobs lasts up to six months, so your car will have a protective seal against the elements for a long time between uses.

No White Residue: Unlike other wax products, NanoWax™ will not omit create residue of any kind, which is good news for any car owner who has dealt with clean-up after waxing.

Multiple Applications: NanoWax™ can be used not only on rims, paint, but chrome, glass, and plastic as well. And, it’s great inside the home on wood furniture, shower doors and wood floors. Because it’s cationic (positively charged), it helps repel dust!

Eagle One car care products are designed for the car enthusiast in mind. We know you want showroom quality whether you're at a show or on the road, which is why we created NanoWax™ wax products. If you are looking for a superior shine with the highest level of protection available, NanoWax is one of the best solutions on the market. nike air max 90 pink

May 4 2015
The Evolution Element Shield: Innovation in Car Care

When you take your car on the road, whether it be across town or across the country, there are a wide variety of potential threats that could damage your car's paint. If you live in an area that sees a lot of snow, for example, you know that road salts could seriously corrode your car's finish. However, that is not the only threat. Bird droppings, tree sap, road debris, or even a drink left on top of the roof of your car could damage it. Therefore, you need a superior product that will protect your car against whatever the road throws your way. You need Eagle One Evolution Element Shield.

Since its inception in 1978, Eagle One has been on the cutting-edge of technology, providing car enthusiasts with superior products that get the job done right. As a division of Valvoline, Eagle One has made it a goal to deliver innovative car care products that keep cars looking as if they have come right off the lot. This dedication to innovation can be seen with the Evolution Element Shield – the ultimate after-wash protective barrier to shield your car from rock salt, road debris and other potential threats on the road.

EVOLUTION Element Shield is a simple foam-on, rinse-off protectant that helps keep your vehicle cleaner – longer. It bonds to the surface immediately, creating a protective barrier against the adhesion of deposits such as insects, bird droppings, road grime and more. Its barrier also protects against those frustrating water spots by promoting a sheeting action of water, reducing beading – that leads to water spots.

It’s easy to use. Check out the video.

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