Friday, June 12, 2015
Five Way-Too-Easy Ways to Ruin Your Paint Job and How to Avoid Them

Old Car Paint Job

The photograph above is that of an old car that obviously hasn't been taken care of. The door handle has rusted over, and the body is in need of a serious paint job, but there are probably more pertinent issues with the car that should be taken care of first. For a car that isn't taken care of, you would expect it have some paint damage, but the truth is that it is very easy to ruin your paint job even if you put special care into the maintenance of your automobile. With that in mind, we decided to list a few of the easiest causes of paint damage and ways to prevent them for a long-lasting paint job.

Tree Sap: Sap from trees can drop onto your car and dry, leaving you with spots on your car. The problem is that you can’t wipe the sap off as this will cause it to spread. Instead, choose to use a solvent based bug remover to get the goo off correctly. Having a layer of wax greatly reduces the adhesion.

Gasoline That Spills Over: This one is pretty easy. Just don't top off your gas tank. Overflowing gasoline can cause a major stain to your paint.

Bugs: Now that it is springtime, you will see more bugs in the air. This is trouble for your windshield and your paint. Washing them off with water is not enough either, as bugs are highly acidic. Remove bugs from your car with Eagle One Beetle Juice Bug Remover, the easiest way to clean off acid deposits from bugs. Follow up with an easy spray wax to help prevent future bugs from sticking.

Bird Droppings: Unfortunately, there are few things you can do to prevent bird droppings from hitting your car beyond parking your car in a garage. As soon as you see droppings, get them off with a detail product as it is highly acidic as well.

Automatic Sprinklers: This is an easy one. Do not park your car in areas near lawns where there could be an automatic sprinkler. Water deposits can be a major nuisance and should be taken care of right away if a sprinkler does hit your car. Eagle One Wax As-U-Dry will actually remove fresh water spots while providing a protective barrier.

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