Monday, May 11, 2015
What is NanoWax Anyway?

One question that we hear often is what makes NanoWax™ spray better than a normal wax product. We immediately start talking about our carnauba technology, which makes the NanoWax™ spray on car wax the best option for a showroom shine. If you're unfamiliar with carnauba, it's also known as Brazil wax or palm wax, and it is used for a number of different commercial products. Our NanoWax™ products are made with a proprietary formula that includes nano-sized carnauba wax particles.

These nano-sized carnauba wax particles are 1/10,000th the size of traditional spray wax particles, which means they are able to fill the finest of scratches with the end result being a brilliant, deep shine. The rest of the formula consists of added conditioners and UV protectants designed to enhance luster and add protection. If you are thinking about using NanoWax™, here are some other benefits you'll experience:

Better Shine: Because of the nano size particles, they fill the finest of scratches and imperfections that traditional wax particles can’t.

Quick Finishing Time: Your car will have a showroom quality shine in less than ten minutes. It doesn’t require hazing or buffing. Simply spritz on and wipe off.

Durability: NanoWax™ jobs lasts up to six months, so your car will have a protective seal against the elements for a long time between uses.

No White Residue: Unlike other wax products, NanoWax™ will not omit create residue of any kind, which is good news for any car owner who has dealt with clean-up after waxing.

Multiple Applications: NanoWax™ can be used not only on rims, paint, but chrome, glass, and plastic as well. And, it’s great inside the home on wood furniture, shower doors and wood floors. Because it’s cationic (positively charged), it helps repel dust!

Eagle One car care products are designed for the car enthusiast in mind. We know you want showroom quality whether you're at a show or on the road, which is why we created NanoWax™ wax products. If you are looking for a superior shine with the highest level of protection available, NanoWax is one of the best solutions on the market.

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