Chrome & Wire Wheel Cleaner

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23 oz. Bottle

Specifically formulated to give chrome wheels a mirror-like finish. Thick foaming action latches to the wheel surface for a thorough, no-scrub clean.

Hard Working Etching Formula

Chrome Wheel Cleaner etches a microscopic layer of the wheel surface, taking brake dust and grime with it. A special additive in the formula plates onto the surface of the wheel, eliminating rust and corrosion without damaging the metal.

  • Nothing Cleans Better
  • Foam action removes grease & brake dust
  • Provides a mirror-like finish without scrubbing

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Wheel Types Mag Chrome PVD & Aluminum A2Z All Wheel & Tire
Aluminum Alloy
Polished Uncoated Aluminum
Chrome, Chrome Plate, Wire
PVD Coated
Steel, Metal
Plastic hub-caps
Rough cast alloy
Factory Painted
Powder Coated