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Chrome & Wire Wheel Cleaner


23 oz. Bottle

A chrome cleaner specifically formulated to give chrome wheels a mirror-like finish. Thick foaming action latches to the wheel surface for a thorough, no-scrub clean.

Hard Working Etching Formula

Chrome Wheel Cleaner etches a microscopic layer of the wheel surface, taking brake dust and grime with it. A special additive in the chrome cleaner formula plates onto the surface of the wheel, eliminating rust and corrosion without damaging the metal.

  • Nothing cleans better
  • Foam action removes grease & brake dust
  • Provides a mirror-like finish without scrubbing

Product Safety Information

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Wheel Types Mag
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PVD & Aluminum
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A2Z All Wheel & Tire
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Aluminum Alloy
Polished Uncoated Aluminum
Chrome, Chrome Plate, Wire
PVD Coated
Steel, Metal
Plastic hub-caps
Rough cast alloy
Factory Painted
Powder Coated

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chrome wheel cleaner

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Used the chrome wheel cleaner on the surface rust of my garage overhead doors and wow.They have not looked that good since new 10 years ago.I guess it pays to think out of the garage sometimes.

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