2-in-1 Solutions

From innovations that are the first of their kind, to products that build on and combine existing formulas in new ways, EAGLE ONE® is continually looking for solutions that minimize steps in the wax and wash process, while reducing its environmental footprint, and making professional caliber results quicker and easier. It’s all about working smarter, not harder.

1 Bottle > 2 Bottles
Saves time and money
Requires less packaging
Cuts environmental footprint in half

A2Z™ All Wheel & Tire Cleaner

The first ever 2-in-1 wheel and tire cleaner, formulated to safely and easily remove brake dust, grime and grease from ANY wheel or tire.

Alkaline Builders
Breaks up deposits without scrubbing,
effortlessly pulling away dirt from wheels and
tires with super-foaming agents.

Longevity of Contact Time
Clings to the surface for an extended period of
time, allowing the foam to attack deposits longer
and more effectively.

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NanoWax As-U-Wash™

A rich foam wash that cleans, protects and shines all in one step.

Nanowax Protection
A layer of carnauba nanowax is applied during
the wash process, filling in the finest scratches
and imperfections for enduring shine.

Element Shield™
Applies a unique formula that shields surfaces
from UV rays and water deposits, laying down a
protective barrier against UV rays and deposits
that becomes stronger with every use.

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About Nanowax Technology

Wax As-U-Dry™

The original one-step spray wax and the first formula to allow the mixture of water and wax.

Can be used on both wet and dry surfaces.

Corrosion Inhibitors
Applies a protective layer that guards against
corrosive substances and rust

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