Nanowax Technology

The world’s first line of waxes using nanowax technology. Nanowax is formulated to fill in the finest scratches and imperfections for a drastically smoother surface and brilliant shine. A more even and perfected surface translates to more surface reflection, or shine.

Nano Circles

1/10,000th the size of traditional wax particles

Nano DNA

Smaller than a stand of DNA

Nano Lines

Uniform surface penetration reflects more light

Perfect Surface = Ultimate Shine

A more even and perfected surface translates to more surface reflections, or shine.

  • Traditional Wax

  • NanoWax

  • Reflected Light

  • Vehicle Surface

Carnauba Wax

Found on palm tree leaves, carnauba wax is the hardest, most durable natural wax on the planet, protecting your paint for up to 6 months.

Cationic Formula

Positively charged cationic particles deflect and repel other positively charged particles such as dust, maintaining a long-lasting shine.

Easy & Efficient

Spray wax covers more surface area, which means less is needed to achieve the desired results.

Alternative Uses

Wood polish, shower doors, windshields, wheels and trim.

All-Surface NanoWax™

Unbeatable shine & water repellency
Easy-spray bottle for faster application
No dry time, hazing or discoloring of trim

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Nano Wax-As-U-Wash

Wash & wax in one step
Rich foam provides a scratch-free rinse
Element Shield™ protects against UV rays & water spots

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