A charged-up wash that protects and shines.

NanoWax As-U-Wash™

PART NO. 848220

A layer of nanowax protection and shine built into a deep-cleaning car wash. Element Shield technology creates a barrier between your ride’s paint and the elements that improves with each use.

  • Nano Particles That Love the Spotlight

    The key to shine is making the surface of your paint as perfect as possible in order to reflect the maximum amount of light. The nano-sized Carnauba wax particles in our car wash and wax car care product provide more surface coverage, filling even the finest microscopic scratches, maintaining a smooth surface and creating more shine.

  • Nature’s Protectant

    Carnauba wax is a naturally occurring substance found on palm tree leaves. This car wax is known for its durability, providing a protective seal on your ride’s paint that can last for months.

  • The Elements Don’t Stand a Chance

    Element Shield is a unique formula that protects against UV rays and water deposits, providing another layer of protection that builds up the more you use it.

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NanoWax As-U-Wash™

  • Wash & Wax In One Step
  • Rich foam provides a scratch-free rinse
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