Odor Eliminator Fogger

Odor Eliminator Fogger

Many air fresheners or fragrance sprays only cover up or reduce unpleasant odors. The Ordenone® in Odor Eliminator Fogger attaches to odor molecules of all kinds, changing their chemical structure so that they're neither airborne nor unpleasant.

Inescapable Fog

Because of the fog formula, it can attack odor in every crack and crevice of the vehicle, leaving only a fresh and clean scent.

11 Minutes to Fresh

Simply set off the fogger in your ride, wait ten minutes, then open your doors and let it air out for one minute—odor eliminated, ready to drive.

The Worst Odors, Gone.

Removes mildew, cigarette, dog, even skunk odor.

  • Permanently removes odors on contact
  • Remove the toughest odors including smoke, pets, food, mildew – even skunk!

Odor Eliminator Fogger Demo

Mark Zona shows the Odor Eliminator Fogger in use.