Wipe & Shine™ Detailer


Wipe & Shine™ Detailer

Easily remove fingerprints, water spots, bugs, bird mess and dust while providing protection and shine. Hydrophobic polymers add an extra layer that repels water. Safe for any car surface, it’s perfect for touch ups in the showroom or adding protection between washes and waxes.

Nano Particles That Love the Spotlight

The key to shine is making the surface of your paint as perfect as possible in order to reflect the maximum amount of light. The nano-sized wax particles in Wipe & Shine™ Detailer provide more surface coverage, maintaining a smooth surface and creating more shine.

  • Quick, deep shine between washes
  • Removes water spots and light contaminants
  • Helps repel water & dust

Eagle One Wipe & Shine Detailer Spray